choosing a personal trainer

Choosing a personal trainer

By Thomas Breathnach

The top five tips to consider when choosing a personal trainer

  1. Observation
    Observe the different trainers at the gym. Are they using the same routines for every client? Are their clients enjoying their workouts and making good progress?
  2. Education
    Is your trainer qualified and certified from a reputable college? Just because he’s buff and looks the part doesn’t mean he’ll know how to meet your personal goals.
  3. Rates
    Often trainers charge per session not per hour. A session can last from 45 minutes to an hour, so remember this when discussing rates. Also will you get a free initial or monthly assessment?
  4. Goals
    Have a trial period and set a realistic target, like wanting to lose three percent body fat in a month. If you don’t reach this and feel your trainer isn’t cutting it, you can consider cutting him.
  5. Programs
    Will your trainer create a series of workout programs for you? This can help you train alone on your off days and ultimately go it alone when you feel you are ready.