summer abs

Five tips for a summer six-pack

By Thomas Breathnach

  1. Exercise
    You’re not going to get a washboard stomach from simple crunches alone. Weighted excercises are best to increase ab size. Just don’t forget to allow for recovery time when working abs like any muscle.

  2. Cardio
    Whether it’s weekend hiking, walking to work or taking the stairs, you’ll need to up your cardio. Try a 30 minute morning jog before breakfast to burn fat fast.

  3. Diet
    Cut fat and reduce sodium in your diet and make evening carbs a thing of the past. Not only is salt bad for your heart but it aids in water retention which will prevent definition.

  4. Drink
    This isn’t new information: Alcohol is full of sugar. If boozing, alternate between alcohol and water. This will also help prevent the lethal “munchies” later. Go for light beer and cider options. If you’re a liquour man, avoid mixers and drink it neat
  5. Tan
    Sometimes an hour in the sun will do more for your abs than an hour on the physio ball so define your core by relaxing on the beach this summer. Just don’t forget the SPF.