So here’s what went down in Finlandia. I was in one of those observation huts in what’s called the Russian-Finland border zone – a bit of a Nomans-land. For 9 shagging hours we waited until our guide woke us up at about 3am I think. Hence why the pic quality is awful (that and poor light/entry level SLR). Anyway…here he came finally to scavenge off a misfortunate deer…


Then after I suppose 20 minutes, pretty remarkably, one of Finland’s view wolves creeped into shot (see right) – none of us were really expecting that…


Bear gets a bit of a sniff, I guess…


And he’s off…



“Maybe if I duck…”













En guarde!

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_46A2407 2 - Copy

So then, what was really bizarre, the two boys had a one minute play fight together, squaring up and a bit of testosterone throwing…




Until the bear had enough and rambled into the forest. We were thinking the wolf come over to the deer then and have a feed but he waiting about a minute, looked around, and followed the bear into the forest. Pretty amazing all the same!