An Uphill Battle for U.S. Olympic Snowboard Racers

Men’s Journal, Feb 2014,

While Olympic freestyle boarders rake in millions, alpine racers scraped by in hopes of getting the one spot on Team USA.


Last year, while Shaun White was raking in more than $3 million in endorsement deals, Justin Reiter was living out of a Toyota Tundra he’d named “Grayson Steele.” And those were salad days for Reiter, who had previously supported his alpine snowboarding career by working as a pizza cook, a golf pro, and a Home Depot store assistant. He had been granted access to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s Center of Excellence in Park City and was competing for the one slalom spot he knew would be open on Team USA. Given that privations were guaranteed and success was not, chasing his dream was still a bad bet, but this was his one shot. read more